Features Of A Great Kickstarter Clone

One of the greatest crowdfunding websites is Kickstarter. Therefore, to come up with an exquisite website like that, you will have to use a Kickstarter clone script because they are almost identical to Kickstarter. When you use a Kickstarter clone script to develop your crowdfunding website, then you will enjoy the benefits and advantages that Kickstarter enjoys. You will get the features present in Kickstarter but with an amazing twist to make it conform to your needs and desires.

Some of the features that every Kickstarter clone should have to include the following:

Robust Admin Control Panel : the administration panel should be rich with features that will make the running and managing of the website a smooth and hustle free experience. Controlling the home page should be very easy as well and the many features, you should be able to do anything.

Payment Gateways : This is a very important aspect in developing a crowdfunding website. A Kickstarter clone is all about money. Someone is always paying some money, and another will be withdrawing the money. Therefore, there should be a safe payment gateway established for all the participating parties. Some of the most trusted payment gateways include Paypal.

Search Engine Optimization : this is a very powerful strategy that will boost your online visibility. SEO pages should be integrated to increase the chances of you attracting more clients by the day. Online visibility is key for all online businesses. The more visible you are, the more clients you will get and the more the business will grow.

Reward System : there should be an excellent reward defining system that enables the fundraiser to set their rewards for the backers and donors of their projects. A reward is an excellent way of acknowledging and appreciating the backers and donors.

Social Media And Marketing : Social media is also a powerful marketing tool that will greatly influence the growth of your website. The users will be able to log on to the website using their Facebook credentials which will greatly attract other people.

Integrated Google Analytics : Google analytics are excellent at helping you monitor the traffic to your website. It is easy to use, and it will show you the progress it is making and thus see the rate of growth.

All these features are what make a great Kickstarter clone. Even so, every company offers something unique. Therefore, you will be able to get more different features, but these six are key.

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